Maria Montessori



“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”

Maria Montessori available in poster, notecard and biographical bookmark formats.
Portrait by Ernst Ulmer.


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Within the child lies the fate of the future. Whoever wishes to confer some benefit on society must preserve him from deviations and observe his natural ways of acting. A child is mysterious and powerful and contains within himself the secret of human nature.” The Secret of Childhood

Maria Montessori bookmarkb. 8-30-1870; Chiaravalle, Italy
d. 5-6-1952; The Netherlands
Maria Montessori (1870-1952) developed her educational method from a profound appreciation for the power and mystery of the child.
The child, given primary respect, makes spontaneous choices within a prepared environment, and is “free to create himself.”
Students in all parts of the world are greatly benefiting from this understanding of discipline, which teaches freedom and responsibility.
Almost every early-childhood teacher in the world uses some of her techniques and ideas, and the Montessori movement continues to grow.

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