Links for Learning about Maria Montessori

American Montessori Consulting – You’ll find new resources and supplies for your school and/or home learning environments. Math, music, science, social studies, arts and crafts, handwriting, classroom accessories, posters, furniture, toys, manipulatives, teacher training.

American Montessori Society – a non-profit, non-discriminatory service organization dedicated to stimulating the use of the Montessori teaching approach in private and public schools.

Association Montessori Internationale – a pedagogical organization founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to maintain the integrity of her life’s work, and to ensure that it would be perpetuated after her death.

AMI Elementary Alumni Association – a community of Montessori teachers holding an elementary diploma issued by AMI, who support one another in their professional development. – helping parents understand the normal development of infants and toddlers, thus helping you to become the best parents you can be.

Informal Education – Web Site dedicated to the idea of informal education. It has been around as long as people have grouped together. One way of thinking about it is as the education of daily living. We can see the process at work in children’s play. (Sound familiar?)

International Montessori Index – information for parents and teachers, practical suggestions for using Montessori philosophy in homes and classrooms, links to Montessori schools, conference lectures, teacher training courses, organizations, educational materials, and other valuable sites.

La Leche League – To help parents who are interested in breastfeeding.

Montessori Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Montessori education in the United States and abroad, offering programs and resources to Montessori parents, teachers, school administrators, board members, and to anyone interested in learning more about Montessori education.

Montessori for Everyone – family business of Montessori homeschoolers.

Montessori Online Distance Learning – designed for parents, guardians, and homeschoolers; teachers and assistants; educators and administrators; and college students who want  to learn about (or review) Montessori education and curriculum so they can incorporate it into their home, classroom, or college studies.

Montessori Educational Programs International – MEPI exemplifies authentic Montessori education and promotes excellence through certified schools, professional training, and certified classroom directors.

Montessori Services

Mortensen Math – This method where students learn mathematics by seeing, touching and moving colorful blocks and tiles, has been instrumental in producing America’s top mathematics students. Children using this method grow up loving math. There is never any fear or failure. personal testimonial- webworker

No. Am. Montessori Teachers’ Assoc. – membership organization open to parents, teachers, and anyone else interested in Montessori education; publications, audio-visual collection, electronic communications, conferences, research and service projects.

The Montessori Method- Full text of Dr. Montessori’s book online from the Celebration of Women Writers.

Peace 101 – web-site is dedicated to fulfilling the ideals of Maria Montessori, who in 1948, earned a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for her “Education for Peace.”

Reflections Upon Education in the New Millennium – presentation by Dr. John H. Lienhard of the University of Houston and the Engines of Ingenuity NPR program to Southwest Foundations for their preconference on Educational Reform, Sept, 2000.

Special- Peace Education Links from the Creative Process- an ongoing labor of love.

Maria Montessori available
as poster, notecard, and bookmarkmontessori-shopping-cart-wooMaria Montessori
b. 8-30-1870; Chiaravalle, Italy
d. 5-6-1952; The Netherlands
Artist: Ernst Ulmer

Posters (18"x24"+/-) Printed on heavy weight paper, ready to take to your favorite framer.
• Posters $20/ea.;
• Laminated posters $25/ea.;
• Gandhi & Mother Teresa not available as posters.

Notecard w/ envelope (4.5"x6" folded). Heavy weight paper, blank inside; great for invitations & program covers.
• Notecard $2.50/ea.
• Dozen of one image $24/doz.

Bookmarks (1.75"x6"), heavy weight paper.
• Bookmark: $1.25/ea.
• Pkg/25 of one image: $25
• Jung image not available as bookmark.

Printed in the USA.

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