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Carl Gustav Jung
b. 7-26-1875; Switzerland
d. 6-6-1961; Küsnacht

Swiss physician Carl Gustav Jung described his life as “a story of the self realization of the unconscious.”
Integrating his life long spiritual attitude with a scientific investigation of dreams and fantasies, Jung came to better understand himself and thereby understand the people who came to him for help.
For Jung the process he called individuation, the growth toward psychic wholeness, carried the meaning of life and was the creative activity of God.
His discoveries and therapeutic methods include personality typology, archetypes, the shadow, anima and animus, active imagination and much more.


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C. G. Jung Groups Around the World
—United States
International Assoc for Analytical Psychology
C. G. Jung Society of Atlanta
Southern Arizona Friends of Jung
Jung Society of Austin
Greater Cincinnati Friends of Jung
C. G. Jung Club of Orange County, CA
C. G. Jung Institute of Boston
C. G. Jung Society of Chicago
C. G. Jung Center of Houston
Kansas City Friends of Jung
Jung Institute of Los Angeles

Minnesota Seminar in Jungian Studies
C.G. Jung Foundation of New York
Oregon Friends of Jung
San Diego Friends of Jung
San Diego Friends of Jung
Jung Institute of San Francisco
C. G. Jung Society, Seattle
Jung Society of Utah
Washington Society for Jungian Psychology
— Canada————
C. G. Jung Foundation, Ontario
C. G. Jung en langue francaise
Association of Jungian Analysts, UK
Jung Institute of Zurich, German
—South America—–
C. G. Jung Foundation- Argentina (Espanol, English)

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Carl Jung on Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band



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